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INFUSE Collaborates with Office of Sustainability

To incorporate sustainability in all aspects of work, INFUSE Humber has partnered with the Humber's Office of Sustainability and has gone entirely digital.

INFUSE is a Toronto based Fashion magazine run by the fashion students of Humber. The magazine focuses on providing the most current news from the fashion industry - both locally and globally while making a conscious effort to be sustainable in protecting the environment.

For different perspectives on this topic, INFUSE asked content creators about their experience in the fashion program and writing for INFUSE blog on the topic of sustainability.

Read what the Content Team at INFUSE had to say below:


"The Fashion Arts and Business program has incorporated sustainability throughout our many brands who encouraged sustainability. Some projects focused on brands that were sustainable which opened my eyes to a world of fashion I was never exposed to.

At INFUSE, in the creation process of our yearly published magazine, we were given a task to research sustainable brands and incorporate the information collected into our magazine to make our readers aware of the great changes in the fashion world."

Melania Cammalleri
Content Creator 
Bachelor of Business Administration and Management, Marketing at Guelph-Humber


"Sustainability in fashion is incorporated in the [fashion] program by teaching students about the impact of the fashion industry on the environment. Students learn about this in their Ethics and Sustainability class in their second semester. This helps students become more aware of environmental fashion production. INFUSE incorporates sustainability by highlighting articles which mention brands that sell sustainable products."

Jade Florendo
Content Creator 
Fashion Arts and Business, diploma program at Humber


"Sustainability in fashion awareness arose at the beginning of the second semester from our ethics and sustainability course to trend analysis. Both of these classes were very encouraging and eye-opening to the world of reused clothes and the waste we have in the fashion industry.

Using this valuable information helped with the creation of articles for INFUSE, which offers a different weekly theme. Some of which are about sustainable fashion, thrifting, red carpet sustainable gowns and many more."

Jodi Al Hayek 
Content Creator 
Fashion Arts and Business, diploma program at Humber


"We at INFUSE make sure we post content [while] keeping sustainability in mind. At this point, educating our followers about sustainability is huge for our team. Our program, Fashion Arts and Business, incorporated ethics and sustainability in the second semester that gives us a complete perspective of the fashion industry.

An example of how we did an event online, keeping sustainability as the focus, would be the Mode Art Exhibition which was held using Blackboard and was a sustainable event. We didn’t send any physical invites as it was online, and nothing was wasted. Sustainable events are much cheaper than usual and that must always be our priority. If it’s good for the business as well as for the environment and community, it must be done!"

Priyanka Vohra
Content Creator 
Fashion Arts and Business, diploma program at Humber


"The members of INFUSE have strived to promote a number of things with our collective voice. This includes inclusivity, ethics, supporting local brands, and last but not least, sustainability. Sustainability has always been recognized on our agenda as to how we can go about promoting and informing our readers on sustainable brands, products, and their importance in the fashion industry. With sustainability on the rise in fashion, we at INFUSE can’t express enough how much of a positive movement this is for society as a whole and for shaping the future of fashion and our planet."

Kylie Lenartowicz
Content Creator 
Bachelor of User Experience (UX) Design at Humber

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