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Fashion Students Launch Live Event - RETOLD: Fashion Redefined

The Event Planning and Budgeting class, a module part of the third semester in the Fashion Arts and Business program, taught by Roger Gingerich, is a course designed to give students a taste of the groundwork behind event planning. The course gives students the opportunity to come up with interesting and current topics in the fashion world to create an event around it.

So, for this semester, the students came up with an event named “Retold”, Fashion Redefined that went live on 28 November, Sunday from 12 - 1:30 pm. The three-month planning and plotting with different teams working cohesively brought the event to life. The event was a take on redefining fashion choices in a world where sustainability is being vocalized like never before as today’s consumers are becoming conscious customers.

To bring some life and expert voice to the event there were three renowned guest speakers:

  • Lauren Walker Lee, a Multi-Stylist & Creative Consultant
  • Chelsea Preston, a Multi-Disciplinary Artist, and Founder of Preston Style.
  • Jessie Renee Mitri, a Fashion Blogger, and Thrift Enthusiast

Our guests shared their take on sustainability, second-hand clothing, and thrifting. To ensure maximum engagement, there was a giveaway contest, and the winner won a $ 75 USD gift card from NOGU Jewelry who were the sponsors for the event.

The virtual event turned out to be a remarkable success as there was constant interaction between our hosts, class students Rachel Paterson and Jad Chouaib, and our proficient guest speakers.

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