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Fashion Students Land Internship Opportunity

Fashion Arts and Business students in the Global Retail Operations class hosted several guest speakers this semester - some of which resulted in hands-on learning opportunities for students.

Among many of the speakers, beauty industry guru Cheryl Gushue shared her twenty-five-year career journey and lessons learned in the beauty, fashion and cosmetics industry to the graduating Fashion Arts & Business on March 16th. Cheryl is the Editor in Chief of Canadian Pro Beauty Magazine as well as the Editor in Chief/Creative Director for her own magazine, Beauty Hub Magazine - a new digital beauty industry media outlet that finds inspiration in art, beauty, fashion and culture.

During her virtual session, Cheryl was impressed by the passion and participation demonstrated by the fashion students and contacted Professor Anna Zamparo with an interest in mentoring those that demonstrated an interest in digital marketing and beauty/fashion trends. Fashion students Janae Wilson, Evelyn Albanese and Camila Lopez - who are also involved in the INFUSE Humber digital fashion magazine, were selected by Cheryl for an internship opportunity.

Endearingly nicknamed Cheryl’s Angels, Cheryl has been pleased with Jane, Evelyn and Camila's fashion submissions and is awaiting more features in production. "They have been great so far and I am lucky to have them. Thank you again for my new angels!” said Cheryl. She hopes to involve the students in creating digital content for Beauty Hub Magazine as well as other brands.

We are excited for these soon-to-be graduates and hope that all students take advantage of the opportunities that can arise from participating and networking with guest speakers. Congratulations Janae, Evelyn and Camila and keep us posted!

A special thanks to Professor Anna Zamparo for making the connection and hosting an exciting industry professional.

Cheryl Gushue over Zoom

Cheryl Gushue's presentation

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