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Fashion Student Featured in Shoppers Ad Campaign

Asma Karimi, a Fashion Arts and Business Diploma student, was recently featured in a Shoppers Drug Mart campaign. The campaign aimed to celebrate diversity, inclusivity, and individuality in beauty and fashion. Asma spoke to Infuse Magazine about why she loves fashion, why she chose Humber and her thoughts on the Shoppers campaign.

Who is your favorite fashion icon?

I don’t have one specific favorite fashion icon, I look up to a lot of different fashionable creatives for inspiration such as fashion brands, celebs, influencers or stylists. Some of them are @themodist @marwaatik @mariaalia @mademoisellememe @monicarosestyle @gigihadid and @songofstyle

How do you describe your style?

My style is classy, modest and bold with a touch of ethnic. I love incorporating a daring statement piece in my outfit whether it being a chunky necklace, a bright colored blazer or the bold prints on my headscarf. I feel like when you wear a bold piece it makes you memorable and stand out to those around you. It’s also my way of expressing my confidence, individuality and friendly personality.

What motivated you to choose Humber and why did you choose the Fashion Arts and Business program?

I chose this program because as a multifaceted creative individual who’s interested in both the artistic aspect of fashion such as styling but also the business side of it, I loved the variety of courses that it offered and the perfect combination of both sides of the fashion industry. I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in fashion so when it came time to deciding I knew that this program would be a great way for me to experience a glimpse of all areas of the fashion industry. I also loved that Infuse Magazine was one of the perks of the program and I’m so happy to be a part of the Infuse team!

What is your #1 fashion rule and favorite places to shop?

My number one fashion rule is to make conscious purchases and question every single purchase you make. I always ask myself three questions before I purchase something; do you see yourself wearing this many times? Does it match with other items in your closet? Is the quality worth the price? I care a lot about quality over quantity and make sure that anything I buy has great quality and is long lasting. The stores I shop at most are Zara, Aritzia, Topshop, Dynamite and The Bay.

What are your thoughts about the shoppers commercial?

Being a part of Shoppers Drug Mart's latest beauty campaign "Be Bold with Beauty" was an honour and an amazing experience! I love the fact that they are celebrating diversity, inclusivity, individuality and emphasizing on the fact that makeup is for everyone and It isn't just about looking beautiful from the outside but rather about your inner confidence shining outwards.

Watch the Shoppers Commercial.