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Fashion Arts and Business Students Took Guests on a Virtual Trip to Italy and France

No Passport Needed had 50 guests in attendance for this unique event.

Humber’s Fashion Arts and Business Students took their guests on a virtual trip to Italy and France on Wednesday, December 1st, 2021. The virtual trip was an event called No Passport Needed, planned and produced by Professor, Roger Gingerich’s Event Planning and Budgeting class. The students’ event allowed their guests to leave their passports where they are and enjoy a taste of Italy and France’s fashion, food, music, and art from wherever they are.

The first stop on the trip was in Italy where guests enjoyed an interview with an incredibly talented Italian artist and Professor, Mario Martinelli. Martinelli shared his creative process, where his inspiration comes from, and his theories. His works consist of textile “unwoven” canvases and pieces created using shadow and light on both canvas and buildings.

Staying in Italy, the next stop on the trip was at a 17th-century castle-turned-vineyard in Stefanago called Castello di Stefanago. Here, guests were taken on a virtual-guided tour to view the castle, vineyard, wine cellar (cantina), and a lookout tower for a magnificent view of the vineyard.

The third and final stop on the virtual trip was at an atelier in Paris, France called La Suite Jenny Sacerdote. Guests were taken on a tour of the atelier by owner Anne Vogt Bordure who explained her use of 3-D technology in made-to-order designs and showed us some of the incredible materials she works with, namely silk.

No Passport Needed concluded with the announcement of the NOGU Jewelry Early Bird Prize winner as well as the AGO Pass raffle draw winners.

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No Passport Needed virtual trip to Italy and France

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