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Fashion Arts and Business Students Get Support from Cosmetics Management Students in Live Photoshoot Project

This term, the Fashion Arts students were delighted to learn that they would participate in a live photoshoot as part of their Photo Styling course. During the months of March and February, the Fashion Arts students learned virtually and physically in class how to plan and execute an on-figure fashion photoshoot to achieve strategic goals. They then used the information they learned to actually conduct a live shoot within a budget and schedule in a fully equipped studio environment with a professional photographer and models. Success was dependent upon the students’ ability to plan all aspects of the shoot, adapt to constant feedback from peers and the photographer and make the appropriate changes as they progressed through the stages of a photoshoot. Students in their groups took personal responsibility for all aspects of their photoshoot, including the development of the proposal based on the client’s apparel brand and goals; development of a theme; collaboration with photographers, make-up, and hair stylists; deciding the poses, lighting, and props; adhering to the schedule and pulling together editorial and photographs into a professional presentation for the client. These group presentations also enabled students to practice presentation skills and reflect on the learnings they experienced through the entire fashion photoshoot process - from concept to execution. The presentations were made in front of an audience made up of the client (when available), Humber instructors and associate dean, industry executives, and other students, all of whom added to the conversation.

These live shoots happened in the Photography Program studios at Humber North Campus on the last weekend in March. The fashion students received excellent support from the Cosmetics Management and the Photography students.

At 7:30 am, all the people, apparel, setting and props were assembled, and the fun began. The excitement and stress were both high. All sorts of challenges arose (including snow on Sunday) and many lessons were learned. By working together, the students were able to react and solve the issues quickly, resulting in the required photos. The final consensus was that everyone involved worked hard, had lots of fun, and achieved their goals.

The fashion students thank everyone who participated - the fashion agencies (Milllenium and SlavinRaphael) who leant apparel, the brilliant photographers (Kate sZatmari and Mark Binks) who turned ideas into great photos; the models from the Elite Agency (Mame, Nyi’Azjah, Sahara, Avishka, Natalia and Sam) who set off the clothing to advantage; the cosmetic students for the wonderful make-up (Kneeza, Kadime, Mansha, Jessica, Ambrina, Joseph and Isha), the hairstylist (Joey) who kept the model's hair looking good all day and the many photography students who took behind-the-scene photos and helped organize the sets.

Behind the scenes of the fashion shoot

Behind the scenes of the fashion shoot

Behind the scenes of the fashion shoot

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