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Fashion Arts Alumna Opens a Unique Business

Fashion Arts and Business graduate Autumn-Leeh Saunders is the owner and founder of Tall Birches, a one of a kind store full of artisanal goods and vintage finds inspired by a farm owned by her grandparents.

Having a strong bond with the Tall Birches farm, Autumn found a way to bring the beauty of her business to life. It became a second home to enjoy the farm vibe and take a piece of it away through wooden goods handcrafted on the Tall Birches farm, a curated collection of vintage clothing, and Canadian made self-care items such as soaps, candles, and creams.

The ethics behind Tall Birches is to keep it Canadian, authentic, and rustic. Being able to handcraft goods allows Autumn to have creative freedom in making unique products. Each piece made on the farm is distinct and no two items are alike. This makes Tall Birches a one-stop-shop for unique gifting needs.

Autumn's Story

"At the beginning of last year, something life-altering happened to me that pushed me to re-evaluate my current situation. I left Toronto and moved back home to Campbellcroft. We are deep in the Ganaraska forest and the farm happens to be called Tall Birches. My grandparents Ruth and Jack Foote started up this farm in 1970 after moving from America. My grandpa named it after the abundance and beauty of the birch trees on the property.

It started as a horse farm and was taken over by my family in 2012. It is now a hobby sheep farm and woodworking shop. All of the artisanal pieces in the store are handcrafted on the farm by my dad, Neville Saunders. He is an incredibly creative person and our goal is to craft unique and one of a kind pieces that are not alike to each other. From wooden stools that can be used to display a plant to charcuterie boards and large rounds of cherry wood made into coffee tables.

I named the business Tall Birches as a homage to a very close family member that I lost as well as my grandpa who passed away six years ago, and also because this is the place that I came to terms with myself and accepted my new normal. This place is very special to my family and so I wanted to bring the farm out to people and give them a chance to enjoy the vibe that we feel there every day.

I hope this information is enough and if there is anything more you need from me please let me know! I am so happy and honored that Humber is interested in my story."

 - Autumn Saunders, Owner of Tall Birches

Tall Birches staff

Autumn cutting the ribbon at the Tall Birches grand opening

A curated collection of vintage clothing

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