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Esthetician/Spa Management Lab Tech and Assistants Become Dermalogica Experts

During the winter break, Esthetician/Spa Management Lab Tech and Assistants, Jessica, Amber and Monica were busy achieving their Dermalogica Expert Certification. From last summer onwards, they have completed a series of demanding classes and demonstrated professional and practical skills in an array of treatments, product ingredients, knowledge, and business skills. As leaders at the Humber Spa lab, students will benefit from their guidance and mentorship as they impart much of their knowledge gained during the program.

The Dermalogica Expert Program globally recognizes top tier professional skin therapists who have invested in their education to become the ultimate skin health guide to their clients. Being a Dermalogica Expert recognizes Professional Skin Therapists as trusted sources of credible advice and treatment. Clients seeing a Dermalogica Expert can be assured that they will receive the very best advice, not only in the treatment room but also with home care recommendations, product and ingredient usage tips that fit in with their unique lifestyle and preferences.

The Expert Program is facilitated in over 80 countries worldwide at Dermalogica training centres and comprises of a series of practical and theory-based workshops, which lead to a hands-on assessment. With over 4,700 students participating in Dermalogica workshops at our training centres across Canada, we are proud to call out 318 Dermalogica Experts across the nation.

Congratulations Jessica, Amber and Monica on your major achievement in becoming Dermalogica Experts, we are so proud of you!

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Esthetician/Spa Management Lab Tech and Assistants holding their Dermalogica Certification