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Entrepreneurial Enterprise, Business Management Students Participate in Riipen Cross-College Entrepreneurial Challenge

The entrepreneurial students from the Entrepreneurial Enterprise, Business Management program haven't had an opportunity to test their skills and compete with other entrepreneurial students, until now. A group of program specialists from entrepreneurship programs, in 5 Ontario Colleges came together, initiated by Susan Kates from Humber College to create a Cross College Entrepreneurial Challenge. The idea was to have the students work on real-life cases, using their intrapreneurial skills, and provide a solution to companies. In order for this to be unbiased Riipen was approached to be the facilitator of this competition and they embraced the opportunity to be known as the "Riipen Cross-College Entrepreneurial Challenge".

The students, from the five Colleges, Algonquin, Canadore, George Brown, Humber, Mohawk, and Seneca, were given two cases, of which one needed to be a woman entrepreneur lead company since some of the prize money was coming from Enactus George Brown where their team was able to secure some funding for a project that involved a woman lead business. The other case came from Riipen, they were happy to participate in providing a problem they were having and wanted to have the students help solve.

On April 22th 2022, the challenge was deployed. The students had built their teams with anticipation that this will happen, and they were ready to start competing. They had 5 days to complete the challenge and submit it. Some of the judging took place on April 27th by a panel assembled by Riipen, again to keep the competition honest. Winners in various categories were chosen. On April 28th the founder, Lisa Muna from Goodum's, and Victoria Maclean from Riipen judged the overall best solution.

While Algonquin College did well in all the categories, winning first place, Humber students were first runner-up in all the categories, except they won the BEST VIDEO, which was a huge accomplishment.

Congratulations Team #humbercollege, cheers to many more wins in the future.