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Building Digital Capacity: Fall 2020 Webinar Recordings

The following webinars were produced by our multidisciplinary team of Humber students and alumni in collaboration with industry partners and the Program Advisory Committee as part of the Fall 2020 experiential learning project; Building Digital Capacity.

  1. The Future of Technology in Retail (presented by Irina, DBM grad and now PT faculty)
  2. Build Your e-Commerce Store with Shopify (presented by a DBM grad)
  3. Blogging 101: How to Be A Successful Blogger (presented by a DBM grad)
  4. Digital Analytics; Measuring Social Media ROI (presented by a Humber grad and PAC member)
  5. Web Scraping (presented by Fontys University grad)
  6. Accessible & Inclusive Communication Strategies
  7. Professionalism in the Remote Workplace

Funded by Humber’s Applied Research & Innovations, and led by Professors Hanadi Alnawab and Bruce Sinclair from the Longo Faculty of Business and Meaghan Strimas from the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Sciences, the project aims at connecting current Humber students from various programs and faculties with alumni and industry experts. This is performed through a series of professional webinars in order to develop the next generation of skills needed to adapt to a digital future.

Click here to visit all Fall 2020 Webinar Recordings.

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