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Humber College Culinary Management Graduate Liezle Espejo Recognized With Top 30-Under-30 Award

A Humber College alumna has been recognized by an annual awards program that honours the food service and hospitality industry’s top young performers.

By Chris Clay

Liezle Espejo, who graduated from the Culinary Management program in 2013, has been named as one of Kostuch Media’s 2022 Top 30-Under-30 award winners. She’s currently a sous chef with The Ritz-Carlton in Toronto.

Espejo’s time at Humber proved fruitful. In addition to the skills and experience she gained before graduating, she received the Cecile Girard-Hicks Memorial Award, a President’s Medal and won gold at Skills Ontario in the Culinary Arts division before moving on to compete at Skills Canada.

In 2018, Espejo received her Red Seal certificate.

Culinary Management program coordinator and professor Michael Teune and professor Francisco Rivera served as Espejo’s mentors for several of the competitions she entered and also taught her at Humber. Teune remembers her as “super motivated, detail oriented and hyper focused” in class.

Liezle Espejo plating food

Liezle Espejo, Culinary Management Alumni

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