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Aman Rodher’s Food Truck - An International Student’s Pathway To Success

Many international students come to Canada and choose Humber with a goal to achieve their dreams, and, later on, make meaningful contributions to the lives of others by giving back to the community in multiple ways. Humber has been involved in internationalization for a long time. The story of Aman Rodher shows what we aim to achieve through strategic pillars and how it is benefiting our people, our community and our country as a whole.

Pastaman (portmanteau of pasta and his name, Aman), is a food truck owned and operated by Aman Rodher, an alumnus of Humber’s Culinary Management program and an international student from India. Back in 2010, Rodher came to Canada to complete the Tourism program at Niagara College. After completing his first semester, he realized that becoming a chef was his true calling.

“I loved cooking and I wanted to be a chef. I did my research and found out that Humber is known for its culinary program and many well-known chefs came out from this institution. I decided to enroll in the program so I could polish my skills,” said Rodher.

The most challenging part of the transition for a student is adapting to a new culture, choosing a path and finding the right resources. Our goal is to mobilize the campus and community resources to prepare students for life in Canada both at Humber and globally. This is the exact role Humber played in the life of Rodher many years ago.

“I came to Canada alone and had no family here. There were only two international students in my program at that time and we never had the same classes. The international office, my instructors and fellow students supported me and made me feel comfortable and it meant a lot,” said Rodher.

Completing the program is one portion of the story but taking those experiences to create opportunities for yourself is what we aim to see in our students. “I had never cooked in a restaurant before and I believe my program gave me the confidence to work in a competitive food industry. These experiences shaped me into who I am today,” said Rodher.

Two years ago, Rodher decided to open his own eatery where he would serve fusion pasta. “Everybody loves pasta and I wanted to create a dish that would bring cultures together. People love the blend of cultural taste; Butter chicken lasagna, rasta pasta and my most popular dish, the Pastaman Special,” said Rodher.

Rodher hasn’t been to India for almost five years and is planning to stay in Canada with his dream of opening a restaurant that will serve fusion food to his customers. “I want to make a difference through food and Humber gave me the confidence to pursue my dreams,” said Rodher.

That is our goal at Humber Global, to be the institution of choice for the academically curious and creative. We provide our students and community with pathways that will help carve their dreams into reality.

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