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Renowned Photographer Mentors Cosmetic Management Students

Following a two-year hiatus, third-semester Cosmetic Management students had the opportunity to participate in a photoshoot with esteemed photographer Kate Szatmari.

Kate is a Los Angeles-based professional portrait and beauty photographer who has worked with some of the most notable fashion publications in the world, including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, and Glamour. Kate’s experience in the fashion and cosmetic industry made her the perfect candidate to mentor future makeup artists in the creative skills required for this industry. Her guidance throughout the photoshoot gave students an up-close look at the expectations required to become a professional.

Working with Kate allowed the students to apply their skills and experience the feeling of working on set with a professional photographer in order to aid in their decision to pursue a career as a makeup artist upon graduating. The experience not only helped provide students with the opportunity to build their portfolios but also helped them make connections with influential people in the industry.

The photoshoot was a success and exemplified one of the many ways why we are business at its best.

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Cosmetic Management student touching up makeup on a student model
Headshot of a student with bold earrings and eye makeup posing
Cosmetic Management student reviewing the collection of photos with the student model