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MOB Beauty CEO Leads Hands-On Cosmetic Workshop

World-renowned cosmetic product innovator and industry leader Victor Casale joined first-semester Cosmetic Management students for a workshop on creating complexion products.

As Co-founder and CEO of MOB Beauty, Victor began his career as Chief Chemist and Managing Director at MAC Cosmetics, Ltd. from the brand’s inception in 1984. At MAC he gained a reputation as a world-renowned product innovator known for formulating industry icons such as Studio Fix and a portfolio of pro-quality products used by make-up artists worldwide. In addition to his work with MOB, Victor also co-founded Pure Culture Beauty in 2020, a next-generation personalized skincare brand. Victor’s most recent launch, however, was on Earth Day 2021 with the launch of the Pact Collective. Victor partnered with Credo and other eco-conscious beauty industry leaders to launch Pact, a program for hard-to-recycle beauty packaging that takes responsibility for the beauty industry’s impact on the planet.

With nearly forty years of experience in the beauty and cosmetic industry, Victor shared his personal and professional experiences with students on sourcing raw ingredients, cosmetic product development, scaling up manufacturing processes, and ever-changing industry regulations.

Students engaged in creating their personalized complexion products using various pigments and participated in field testing aimed at perfecting foundation product formulations for the MOB beauty brand.

This in-class learning experience allowed students to expand their industry knowledge and apply their skills to product analysis and research assignments.

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Victor Casale blending pigments on his arm in front of students

Victor Casale helping a student create her own complexion product

Students mixing pigments

An assortment of colourful pigments on a table