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Meet the Winners of the Dermalogica Canada FITE Grant

Dermalogica Canada is proud to launch its first grant with Humber's Cosmetic Management diploma graduating students, awarding future entrepreneurs with an investment of $6,000 in products and treatment room support to help them successfully open their business. This capstone assignment was offered as one of the options for their Fieldwork course.

The winning Dermalogica Canada FITE (Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship) business plan submission was entered by graduates:

  1. Henna Khan
  2. Mitali Raheja
  3. Megan Belem
  4. Ishita Garh
  5. Nida Tayab

Cosmetic Management Dermalogica winners over Zoom

The Business Plan

The DermaSpa will offer multiple services which will help in the rejuvenation and betterment of our clients as well as provide the best customer service to increase the rate of their return. Services will include facial treatments, skin care, manicures, pedicures, body and massage treatments and more. These services will be tailored as per the demands/skin conditions of the client.


The Vision

The DermaSpa's vision is to be the go-to wellness spa by providing an atmosphere of comfort and serenity for clients. Our professionally trained team will offer the best customer service, treatments and services available with a focus on making each individual’s visit enjoyable and relaxing.

The Mission

The DermaSpa aims to create a relaxing space and add value to our guests’ experience. We strive to provide high-quality products and services with an amazing team of experts and a promise to help restore overall wellness - creating a better everyday life for our clients.

We can't wait to see them open TheDermSpa and are excited to support their future success!

Dermalogica Canada FITE Grant Winners

Henna Khan

Henna Khan

My name is Henna Khan and I am 23 years old. I have been working in the beauty industry for over four years and first worked as a freelance artist before realizing that my dramas were much larger.

Having the opportunity to create business plans and receive education regarding the cosmetic business unlocked a new passion. I recently graduated with honours from the Cosmetic Management program at Humber and look forward to expanding my knowledge and seeing what the future has in store for me.

Mitali Raheja

Mitali Raheja

My name is Mitali Raheja and I am 19 years old. As an international student in Toronto, I bring a global experience and positive energy to any team I get to work with.

I graduated from Humber with a Cosmetic Management diploma. I am outgoing and social and love to talk to people to learn about their journeys. I am also passionate about learning and supporting my community and look for opportunities that offer a new and fresh perspective on life - challenging me to explore my creative and professional boundaries.

Megan Belem

Megan Belem

My name is Megan Belem and I am 21 years old. I am a recent Humber graduate of the Cosmetic Management program and have been very passionate about the cosmetic and skincare industry for as long as I can remember. I look forward to taking all my knowledge from this program and Dermalogica and using it in the real world.

Ishita Garh

Ishita Garh

Hi, I'm Ishita, a recent graduate of the Cosmetic Management program. I have a background in digital marketing and also have a keen interest in the business of cosmetics. I aspire to add value to the beauty and skincare industry by leveraging the knowledge gained through my time at Humber.

I am so thankful to Dermalogica for helping me enhance my business skills through their FITE accelerator course and look forward to working together soon.

Nida Tayab

Nida Tayab

My name is Nida and I am a small business owner and makeup artist. I recently graduated from the Cosmetic Management program and am thrilled to apply all the knowledge learned from this program and Dermalogica. It was extremely beneficial and will truly help me in my future endeavours.

Photo credit and student quotes @DermalogicaCanada

About Dermalogica

With the purpose of building expertise and vocational skills to Professional Skin Therapists (PSTs) for future entrepreneurs worldwide, Dermalogica started with the intention of providing financial independence through education to women. This is a responsibility they have continued to focus on to ensure customers are in the best hands with their skin therapists.

Dermalogica has partnered with over thirty-five undergraduate schools across Canada to support educating future skin therapists with hands-on vocational training for over 1,500 undergraduate students each year.

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