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From Concept to Reality: This Humber Cosmetic Grad Makes It Happen

We all take the everyday objects in our life for granted. A pen, a cup, our clothes, our phones, or, say, a tube of lipstick. We just apply it and throw it back into our purse. But what about all the work that goes into putting that lipstick into your hands? Like selecting the right shade and ingredients for the lipstick and developing the marketing material around it. Or even the administrative tasks such as writing product specifications, setting timelines and negotiating costs to meet budgets. It may make our heads spin, but for Elisa Tricarico, a 2016 Cosmetic Management graduate, it’s her dream job.

After graduating from the Humber Business School, Elisa started working at Orchard International as a Cosmetic Product Developer where it’s her job to bring a beauty product from concept to reality.

Elisa has had a lifelong love of makeup and always wanted to work in the cosmetic industry. But she knew passion alone could not get her the career she wanted. So that’s why she decided to come to Humber: to gain foundational industry-specific business skills to compliment her knowledge of beauty products, and thus ensure her entry into this exciting, creative industry.

“Humber’s Cosmetic Management program teaches you the techniques of hands-on application, but also emphasizes the importance of business skills,” says Elisa. “The teachers and courses prepare you for the industry by providing you with valuable knowledge on finance, marketing, colour theory, buying and selling, and the fundamentals of skincare and cosmetic ingredients. Every course and assignment has helped me get where I am today.”

Elisa loves her job and is always excited to get up and go to work (yes, even on a Monday morning): “I love getting to play with makeup all day long. My desk is constantly covered in glitter and I always have lipstick and eyeshadow swatches on my hands,” says Elisa. "I enjoy testing out new products and it’s fascinating to see ideas come to life. I have also been lucky enough to travel to one of our cosmetic factories to experience the manufacturing process hands-on. After all the hard work, it’s a rewarding feeling to see a finished product and know that I had a part in putting it all together.”

But just because it's a dream job, doesn't mean it isn't without its challenges. Elisa notes that project setbacks are always a possibility, so she needs to be flexible, think on her feet and solve problems. Written communication skills are also integral to her work. As she typically communicates with factories in different countries through email, it is paramount that when she is explaining a concept, she be as organized, succinct and clear as possible. Nevertheless, the challenges are a part of what makes the job so interesting.

Congratulations Elisa on all of your success, and best of luck with all your future endeavours!

Elisa Tricarico

Elisa Tricarico and co-worker holding up makeup product