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Grads Give Back: The Podcast from the Business Marketing Program Returns with its Second Episode

We speak with Desiree Thomas, a Digital Marketing Specialist for a virtual healthcare company. She creates original and curated social content, manages email campaigns, and builds dashboards to track and create social growth for the company. As an entrepreneur, she runs her own photography and digital marketing consultancy at

We’ll take a quick peek at her journey from psychology major to digital marketing guru and learn how, as job-seekers, marketing grads can manage (and leverage!) their personal “brand”.

Which poses the question: Are we all brands now?

Listen in as Desiree shares some of her best tips, tricks and tools for navigating the world of work and how you too can be a success after graduation.

Desiree Thomas

2017 Business Marketing graduate, Desiree Thomas

James Anderson

Business Marketing graduate and PAC Member, James Anderson

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