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Grads Give Back Event Launches Podcast

The world has changed and so has the way we do things. Humber is no exception. We’ve had to rethink how we present many elements such as our guest speaker event Grads Give Back which both informs and inspires our students. So, we’ve embraced the moment and taken it digital!  

We are excited to present the inaugural episode of Grads Give Back: The Podcast from the Business Marketing program.

Once a month, we’ll be featuring an interview with graduates from the Business Marketing diploma program and will ask them to share their journeys from fresh-faced grads to marketing professionals. 

Their stories will inspire you as they navigate their way in the world of work and start their careers.

This month, we speak with Carlos Serpa, Solutions Consultant at Hootsuite. Carlos graduated from the Business Marketing program in 2017 and has been a busy marketing professional ever since. He has already worked in many areas of marketing - CRM, event design and delivery, as well as social media and promotional planning and implementation. Carlos moved into account management at the social media platform Hootsuite where he leveraged his customer service expertise into his current role as a Solutions Consultant. He advises clients on how Hootsuite can provide solutions for their social media management and helps nurture leads for the sales team.

Listen to our podcast to hear Carlos share his journey from Guest Service Ambassador at a major Canadian airline to his current role as a Solutions Consultant at one of the marketing world’s most pre-eminent social media platforms. Along the way, he’ll share some of the advice he’s gathered based on his journey from a Humber College student to a business marketing professional! Thank you for joining us here, Carlos Serpa!

Now, over to our podcast host (and another business marketing grad) James Anderson

Carlos Serpa

2017 Business Marketing graduate, Carlos Serpa

James Anderson

Business Marketing graduate and PAC Member, James Anderson

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