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Grads Give Back: Episode 5 - Natasha Persad

Grads Give Back: The Podcast from the Business Marketing Program returns with its fifth episode!

We speak with Natasha Persad, Director of Partner Marketing at Vena Solutions and graduate of the Business Marketing Program.

Having graduated from the program in 2010, you’ll hear about her journey from International Student to busy Marketing Professional. She’ll talk about how Humber’s International Student Centre helped make Canada her home and how the Career Centre helped her find her first jobs in the Canadian market.

She’ll also share why she’s glad she took part in the Ontario College Marketing Competition (OCMC) as it helped her overcome her reserved nature to become a confident speaker and presenter - important soft skills given the prevalence (and importance) of making presentations in the marketing world. She’ll talk about the digital marketing courses that gave her a new focus for her career and she’ll also share why it’s important to build up your professional network and how it can be helpful to highlight your professional interests - even on your resume and in the interview room.

Natasha will share all these tips - and more - that students will find helpful as they step out into their careers from Humber College.

Let’s listen in.

Natasha Presad

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