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Grads Give Back: Episode 4 - Cesar Gomez

Grads Give Back: The Podcast from the Business Marketing Program returns with its fourth episode!

We speak with Cesar Gomez, Manager of Ontario Business Resources at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) and graduate of the Business Marketing program. 

During his time at the CFIB, he has counselled hundreds of Canadians on how to start and run new businesses and how to navigate the Canadian business legislation and compliance landscape.

We’ll discuss the core skills he gained at Humber that he still uses every day, the importance of job-shadowing in your career trajectory, and the way you can leverage (and optimize) your LinkedIn profile to highlight your experience and attract recruiters.

Along the way Cesar will share some tips and tricks that students will find helpful as they step out into their careers from Humber College.

Let’s listen in.

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  • Cesar Gomez
    Business Marketing graduate Cesar Gomez