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Grads Give Back: Episode 3 - Calvin Nguyen

We speak with Calvin Nguyen, an E-Commerce Coordinator for Mosaic North America who graduated from the Humber College Business Marketing program in May 2020. At Mosaic, Calvin helps businesses navigate the complex world of operating in the digital space. From building websites to advising clients on post-marketing activities such as social media planning, his work encompasses the gamut of digital marketing know-how.

We’ll take a peek at his journey from fresh-faced Business Marketing Grad to E-Commerce expert and learn about his journey to Mosaic that used the power of LinkedIn and an online interview process to secure this digital marketing job! In this Covid world, this is a process that’s frequently becoming more and more common.

Along the way Calvin will share some tips and tricks that students will find helpful as they step out into their careers from Humber College.

Let’s listen in.

Calvin Nguyen

2020 Business Marketing graduate, Calvin Nguyen

James Anderson

Business Marketing graduate and PAC Member, James Anderson

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