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Business Marketing Grad Shares Internship Insights

When it came to finding an internship, Business Marketing graduate Charla Banks reached out to companies in her area of interest. She hoped that the internship could become a full-time job. One of these companies was the full-service marketing agency, MPP Marketing Group, where Charla chose to intern. Charla shares her insights into internships in this Q&A.

How did you find your internship placement?

I found my internship by reaching out to marketing and advertising agencies a few months before the start of my internship. I was offered two placements but decided to interview with more companies before making my decision to see which opportunity was the best fit.

Did you use the skills that you learned at Humber in your internship?

Yes, as part of my internship I was tasked to create a marketing plan for MPP’s new in-house photography studio. This required me to use market research and to conduct competitive and target market analyses to determine positioning and help come up with ideas. At the end of the internship, I presented my marketing plan and ideas which included financial projections and the analyses - all elements I had learned at Humber! It went very well.

What was your favourite part of the internship? 

My favorite part was that I immediately felt trusted and valued. I was never treated as if my input was not important, instead, I was given a significant task to complete. Although it was daunting at first, and somewhat overwhelming and stressful, I stepped up to the challenge and worked incredibly hard. I think it was my work ethic, skills, and effort that helped establish that trust.

What internship tips do you have for current Humber students?

I’d say that it is very important to be proactive and to make a list of companies that you want to target before starting the job placement course. Give yourself lots of time to research and find a company that is of interest to you. Start looking early and never give up!

Charla’s hard work resulted in being offered a full-time position within the internal marketing department at MPP Marketing Group, where she is currently working. The marketing agency provides advertising solutions to foodservice and delivery clients around the world.

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