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Business Marketing Grad Becomes SEO Specialist and Author

By: James Anderson

“You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be memorable,” says Humber Business Marketing program graduate, Mathias Neves. "The job-hunt is a 'numbers game' so you have to reach out to numerous companies. Do the work and research the company you’re applying to. Make contacts and start a conversation. A quality resume that is tailored to the role you are applying for makes a stronger impression – and is more memorable. Once you’re in the room pay attention to the vibe to ensure that there’s a culture fit on both sides. “Don’t pretend to be a different person,” he says.

From Student to SEO Specialist

Mathias had operated a small e-commerce business selling make-up and cosmetics back in Brazil. But wanting to deepen his understanding of the marketing process, he chose Humber’s Business Marketing Diploma program. While still a student, he found work in the digital marketing world as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Coordinator first at DAC Group – a position he found by researching summer jobs – and then at HiMama. Now an SEO Specialist, he assists clients by performing website audits, keyword searches, competitive analyses and checking the analytics – skills he learned at Humber.

From SEO Specialist to Author

Mathias has now added published author to his resume! He’s written a fairy tale for young readers,  A Plant’s Tale, about a plant that decides to run away from the greenhouse and explore the world. When asked what he considers the novel’s message, he demurs, but offers: “Not letting fear get in your way. Explore. And discover. But always remember where you come from.” The same could be said about Mathias, himself.

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Mathias Neves speaking at conference