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Students Find a Way to Connect During Social Isolation

Business Management students discovered a fun way to connect in their online Principles of Management class after Professor Jeff Short decided to introduce Padlet, an app to create a bulletin board that can be used to display information for any topic.

Professor Short embedded the app above the "Announcements" section within the course on Blackboard with the intent to provide students a place to post questions, share answers, and to stay in touch. The "Questions & Answers" and "Important Reminders" sections worked as expected, but by far, the most active section was "FUN!" Every day students posted jokes, congratulated competing teams in the business simulation on their performance, shared positive learning experiences connecting with their loved ones online, and even exchanged makeup tips.

This reinforced the importance of social connection for students who were not only engaged academically but socially as well. The recent isolation we have all experienced so far has reminded many of us of the importance of feeling connected.

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