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Business Insights and Analytics Program Sees Rapid Growth in Enrolment

Humber’s Business Insights and Analytics (BIA) graduate certificate program provides students with practical, in-demand skills in business and is growing in demand.

Businesses need professionals who can use analytics and business acumen to improve ROI, streamline and expedite processes. The popularity and full international cohort enrollment for the BIA program for both May 2021 and September 2021 is a reflection of the increasing requirement for professionals who can use data to derive insights.

The program also consists of a common platform of twenty-one core courses in business, database management, programming for machine learning and data analytics, plus three specialization stream courses in either Marketing or Operations. This makes it unique since students can specialize in either marketing or operations and do not require a preliminary background within a specific field of study to enrol.

Business woman tracking data on multiple monitors

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