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How Humber Prepared Me for the Real World

Business Administration graduate Samantha Ruberto credits the program's extensive curriculum as well as her professors for their endless encouragement on her educational journey and career success as an HR Generalist.

In her own words

Samantha Ruberto, Graduating Class of 2019

My name is Samantha Ruberto and I am a Humber College alumna and current student at the University of Guelph-Humber. Since enrolling at Humber in 2015, I have completed my advanced diploma in Business Administration and certificate of achievement in Human Resources Management. In 2019, I began my education at the University of Guelph-Humber to attain a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on International Business. I have completed all the necessary courses this past December and applied for the Summer 2021 convocation.

I discovered very early on that I had a passion for Human Resources Management thanks to the foundational first year of my business diploma at Humber. After four months into the program, I landed my first HR job through Humber’s job portal. Working full-time while attending classes was not easy – and there were many nights I questioned whether it was all worth it. It was largely in part because of my professors that I persevered – they believed in me when I found it difficult to believe in myself. A special thank you to the Business Administration Program Coordinator and my Professor, Maria Racanelli, who has been a mentor and voice of reason since I stepped foot in her office back in my first year. Maria has a way of helping everyone see the big picture even when you may not be able to see it yourself.

Humber’s business program had a great curriculum to prepare me for the business world. Working in HR means I get to communicate and work closely with many different business functions daily. Having professors that were passionate about their field of work made it so much easier to understand these different functions since they were distinctly taught through the lens of experiential learning. Thank you Richard Yip-Chuck, Duncan Fletcher, Lisa Bering, Fabian Marks, Franca Giacomelli, Peter Jurczak, Khyati Antani, Gerard Leung, Preet Arora, Helen Loggia and Sanjeev Dhuga for sharing all of your experiential knowledge.

Next month I start a new role as an HR Generalist with Pre-Con Precast Limited – a division of the Osco Construction Group. I will be working alongside a great team touching many facets of HR including; labour relations, health & safety, benefits & compensation and labour planning. Like my peers, I sing high praise for Humber and always will.

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Maria Racanelli with Samantha Ruberto

Samantha Ruberto pictured (on right) with Maria Racanelli (on left). Samatha was a Dean’s list student and recipient of the Randstad Canada Scholarship Award.