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Financial Specialist, Entrepreneur and Proud Alumna Shares Her Career Success Story

Business Administration graduate Komal Sidhu credits her current career and the success of her wedding and event décor business to the education, support, and guidance she received as a Humber student.

In her own words

Komal Sidhu, Graduating Class of 2015

My name is Komal Sidhu and I am a Humber College alumna. My academic journey at Humber began in 2011. I went to Humber for the Business Administration advanced diploma program and the Bachelors of Commerce - Finance program. Currently, I am working towards obtaining a Project Management certification. Years after graduating, I am so grateful that I decided to pursue my education at Humber.

I cannot put into words how appreciative I am and made the decision to complete my postsecondary education at Humber. The support and guidance I received from professors and my program coordinator helped me succeed and grow both academically and professionally. My professors would always be willing to go above and beyond to help me understand the course material and perform well in my courses. They knew me on a first-name basis - which is not common in college or university! Every professor wanted each of their students to be successful and it was their number one priority to help them succeed.

While being a full-time student I worked part-time in the banking industry. The business program curriculum provided me with knowledge and the hands-on experience needed to help me move up in my career at the bank.

My professors used their professional experiences and wealth of knowledge to provide a collaborative and exceptional learning experience. I still keep in touch with some of my professors who continue to support and guide me after graduating over four years ago! Business Administration Program Coordinator Maria Racanelli, was my mentor while I was a Humber student.

The course curriculum I learned prepared me for the business world and I continue to apply the education that I received on a daily basis at work. Humber gave me the confidence to succeed in all of my future endeavours.

“Komal was always a trailblazer”, says Maria Racanelli, Business Administration Program Coordinator. “She was the only student who used all the required three Business electives in the field of finance - including Personal Finance 1 and 2, where she was the only female. She was a full-time student, working part-time at Scotia Bank and was actively involved in Humber’s Toastmasters workshops - a committed and well-rounded student."

After graduation, I worked in the banking industry for a couple of years. I am working in the public sector in the finance department of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB). Furthermore, I am the owner of a wedding and event décor business, Elegance Décor TO. All of this would not be possible without the education, support, and guidance I received from Humber.

Komal Sidhu

Komal Sidhu

Professor Maria Racanelli, Komal Sidhu and Chris Whitaker

Business Administration Coordinator Maria Racanelli (far left), Komal Sidhu (center), and President & CEO of Humber College Chris Whitaker (right)

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