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Business Alumnus Supports His Community as Quality Assurance Specialist During Pandemic

Business Administration alumnus, Tyrone Hall-Luckman shares the story of his academic journey at Humber and how it helped him lay the foundation to step into a professional role as a Quality Assurance Specialist.

In his own words

Tyrone Hull-Luckman, Graduating Class of 2017 

My name is Tyrone Hall-Luckman and I am a graduate of the Business Administration program. In the three years I had attended Humber, I obtained an Advanced Diploma in Business Administration and certificates in both Business Studies and the Canadian Institute of Management. Through hard work, I was able to remain on the Dean’s List for the duration of my studies. Humber has such a rich culture, so I did my best to immerse myself in it and take advantage of all the opportunities available. I was a Senior Peer Mentor on the First-Year Experience (FYE) team and participated in the Job Interview category of the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition (OCMC). Both experiences led to significant growth - not only in my personal life but also in the professional career I was on the path to building.

The professors at Humber taught students based on their knowledge, previous job experiences and current endeavours. Every course was unique and provided me with not only theoretical knowledge but hands-on practical experience. The workshops, field trips, guest speakers and varied teaching styles fostered a learning experience that was transferrable and prevalent to my success after transferring my credits to Ryerson University upon graduating from Humber in 2017. At Ryerson, I obtained a Bachelor of Commerce, specializing in Human Resource Management. Many of my new peers lacked the basic understanding of concepts that I had a comprehensive knowledge of thanks to my Humber Business professors. 

Personally, Business Administration Professor and Program Coordinator Maria Racanelli’s Strategic Management course proved to be one of the most beneficial learning experiences. When we attended BMO’s Annual General Meeting in 2016, it was amazing to see how what we had learned in class was being used in real-life situations. Thanks to this course, OCMC and Humber overall, I was able to enhance my business acumen, writing and soft skills. Humber is the foundation of the business professional that I am today. Without the invaluable lessons that I have learned, I strongly believe that my level of success would not have been the same.

Currently, I am a Quality Assurance and Learning Specialist for the City of Brampton. I work as part of a team at 311 Service Brampton, which is the voice of the City. We provide 24/7 support to residents for all non-emergency requests and inquiries via phone, email and in-person interactions. My team and I are responsible for ensuring our Customer Service Agents are well trained, informed, and confident as they interact with residents on behalf of the City. While this role has proven to be challenging, especially during the evolving pandemic, the fundamental knowledge I’ve learned and harnessed from Humber has helped with my success on major projects. I was part of the design, creation and implementation of our new 311 Brampton website and 311 mobile app that is widely used by all operating departments and citizens of Brampton.

We live in a society where those with university degrees are seen as more accomplished than those with college diplomas, but I can confidently say that the knowledge and persistence I've learned at Humber begs to differ. It has prepared me to work towards my goals and aim for greater success.

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Tyrone Hull-Luckman