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Business Administration Grad Lands a Marketing Role and Pays It Forward

As a recent graduate who was offered a marketing position at the company where she completed her co-op term, Brianna Murree pays it forward by helping current Business Administration students secure a placement opportunity of their own.

In her own words

Brianna Murree, Graduating Class of 2020

Brianna is an experienced business professional who specializes in marketing, customer service, and administration. She attended Humber College for four years and holds an advanced diploma in Business Administration, as well as a diploma in Business Marketing. Throughout her entire college career, Brianna was on the Dean’s List. She was eager to apply her skills in the business community where she could generate marketing strategies, business proposals, and design content for digital marketing channels.

“I was uncertain where I would be after graduating in April 2020 amid the pandemic, but thanks to Humber, I was lucky enough to secure a full-time marketing and administrative position at HKC Construction” beamed Brianna. “This amazing company was my business placement which I started in early March 2020. They later hired me on as a full-time employee after my placement/co-op term was fulfilled."

“Naturally, Brianna is a true Humber kindred spirit. When HKC needed a new interim student, she contacted me, offering to pay it forward and help current Business Administration students land a placement opportunity," shared Maria Racanelli, Business Administration Program Coordinator. “I was not surprised to hear from her. Brianna was always a generous student and always took the time to support her colleagues with their group and class activities. She is a gifted Humber Ambassador with a talent for helping others shine."

“As a Marketing and Administrative Manager, I design and create digital content, monitor analytics, edit website content and oversee all marketing operations," said Brianna. "I also  complete general administrative tasks such as generating contracts being sent to clients.”

“I have to thank Humber for where I am today. Along with the great classes offered, the professors are dedicated to their student’s success and pushed me to step outside my comfort zone which, in turn, grew my skills and abilities as a professional.”

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Brianna Murree