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Business Administration Alumnus Achieves Professional and Academic Success Shortly After Graduating

Business Administration alumnus, Stendhal Cantave, shares the story of his academic journey and how it helped him step into a professional role as a Financial Analyst while also pursuing a master’s in finance.

In his own words

Stendhal Cantave, Graduating Class of 2017 and currently working toward a master’s in finance 

As a new immigrant from Haiti in 2015, I was fortunate to receive a quality education at Humber College which allowed me to assert myself as a competitive candidate in the workforce. The professors encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone by participating in extracurricular activities such as the Ontario Colleges’ Marketing Competition (OCMC). This helped me gain the confidence necessary to enter the job market.

A month after graduating from the Business Administration advance diploma program in 2017, I landed a position at Scotiabank as a Fraud Detection Analyst. The role involved using various fraud monitoring tools to analyze transactions and mitigate fraud losses to the customers and the bank. I was able to quickly climb the ladder and become a Senior Detection Analyst while continuing my education in the Bachelor of Commerce Finance program at Ryerson University. Currently, I facilitate the daily operations of the department as a Team Lead.

“Stendhal was a quiet leader, purposeful and always exceptionally well prepared for classes, said Maria Racanelli, Business Administration Program Coordinator. “It is not surprising that he has already successfully climbed the corporate ladder and that his academic pursuits are leading him to attain a coveted Master of Finance degree. I am fully confident that he will rise even further as a professional star in the near future and wish him continued academic and professional success."

“The hands-on approach, group projects and courses at Humber prepared me for the professional environment," said Stendhal. "I am thrilled to report that I accepted the offer of admission to Trent University’s Master of Management graduate program for the spring term. Humber College has contributed immensely to my professional and academic success."

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Stendhal Cantave