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Program Success: Paralegal Ambition Unleashed

Humber Paralegal Studies Grad Heading to Grad School

Fourth-year Humber Paralegal Studies student Sara Liden will be heading to York University this fall! Sarah was recently accepted into the Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies program at York. Along with her Paralegal Studies degree, Sara also holds an undergraduate degree from Trent University.

Sara is very involved at Humber and in the Paralegal Degree program. She is a work-study student in The Business School and was a member of the 2016 Osgoode Cup Paralegal Mooting Competition team. Sara and her mooting partner Tara Lisowski reached the quarterfinals of this year's competition which was held March 12 and 13, 2016.

Sara’s acceptance into York’s Masters of Interdisciplinary Studies program is a huge achievement.She is the first Humber degree student to be accepted into a Masters program at York as well as the first direct entry student from a Humber degree program.

During her time at York Sara will focus on many different disciplines including law. Some of her coursework will be taught at Osgoode Law School.

Paralegal Studies Degree program coordinator, Bernie Aron commented on the importance of this step for Sara and for Humber stating; “Sara Liden is a serious student who has shown a strong academic aptitude, this achievement shows an important pathway for Humber’s degree students who wish to further their studies at the post-graduate level at Canadian universities.”

Fallon Burns, Graduate of the Paralegal Studies program, appointed to the Law Society’s Equity Advisory Group

Congratulations Fallon, you make The Business School proud as a graduate of the Paralegal Studies degree program,” says Bernie Aron, Program Coordinator. “You certainly maximized your opportunities and showed great leadership in taking on various external roles such as Student Director of the Paralegal Society of Ontario, and the Ontario Paralegal Association, and in organizing the Paralegal Cup. Your recognition by the Law Society is very appropriate as you are an important role model for paralegal students and graduates.”

At the age of 18, Fallon entered the doors of Humber to begin her education, four years later she graduated with Honours and has since become a member of the Ontario Paralegal Association, was elected to their Board of Directors and founder of the Paralegal Cup Mooting Competition. She is now just 22 years old.

“The membership introduced me to many different contacts, and these contacts connected me to many important legal institutions, such as The Law Society of Upper Canada. I was able to found the Paralegal Cup Mooting Competition from the support of the Paralegal Studies degree program and the Ontario paralegal community, including, but certainly not limited to the membership of the Ontario Paralegal Association. The Paralegal Cup, for the past three years, has been hosted at Humber College, by The Business School, and judged by lawyers and paralegals as well as several Humber College Paralegal Studies degree and Paralegal Education diploma faculty.” says Fallon.

“I enjoyed tremendous faculty support while at Humber. They introduced me to critical ways of thinking, and how the law connects in a real and concrete way to real life. They made me re-think what the boundaries of paralegal work are, to discover the scope of practice beyond Small Claims Court, the Provincial Offences Courts and Landlord and Tenant Law. Quite simply, there are areas of law that do not have enough paralegals. These professors changed what it means to be a paralegal professional as an entrepreneur, and also what kinds of services a paralegal will offer, that aren't always connected to litigation- you can be a paralegal who gives independent legal advice before a problem has a chance to emerge, and the mechanics of how paralegal can carry on business.”

Fallon is still considering her end game, she credits the courses "Access to Justice", "Elder Law" and "Employment Law" as having a direct correlation on her new found interest in human rights issues, equity, and critical disability. With this ignited passion, Fallon in now pursuing a degree in Canadian Studies and English Literature.

We have no doubt that many great accomplishments still lie ahead for Fallon Burns.

Edward Reid's journey from Humber to the Alberta court system was short, but the journey to Humber is another story.

A truck driver with a family, Reid had to  seriously consider which educational options would quickly get him to his goal. He had never considered a career in law, but a desire to complete his education led him to a grade 12 law class.

“The professor gave me a role to play as a defense attorney. I guess I really got into it," he recalls. "After that, the professor encouraged me to consider a career in law.

"I started looking into university degrees but nothing struck me. My wife suggested that I look into college courses as they have a more practical approach. I had seen how successful she had become through college education, so I turned my search to the college program offering. That was where I found Humber’s Paralegal Studies degree program. With mock trials, small claims court experience and trips to court as part of the program curriculum, I knew that I had finally found the road I had been looking for.”

Reid worked hard in the four-year degree program. It was not always easy, but he praises the faculty's expertise and support. He was able to see the benefits of his hard work and realized how much he had learned during his internship. There he found that Humber students knew the processes on par with university students and he felt well prepared for the tasks assigned. Reid also learned that to be good in law, you have to separate emotion from fact and be mindful of different cultures and different views of the law. This insight would travel with him into his career.

An invitation from a family member led Reid and his family to relocate to Alberta.

“My plan was to find a job as a truck driver until I could get settled and start looking  for a job in a law firm. I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be. However, I applied for a job in the provincial court system and, after my interview, was called back to interview for a higher position within Queen’s Bench.”

Reid landed the job as a Judicial Clerk and is looking forward to his eventual transition into his duties of managing the court. This role includes calling court to order, managing exhibits, arraigning witnesses and ensuring good governance of the court from the start to finish.

What would I say about the Humber program... its money well spent! The faculty cares; they care about you and your learning. They have the experience and expertise to teach you what you need to know to work in a variety of legal fields."

Edward Reidsepia

Student Highlight - Edward Reid

Our Graduates Go Far

Aram Simovonian, who graduated from the program in 2013, has completed his undergraduate law degree at the University of Birmingham in England, and has now been accepted to York University’s prestigious Osgoode Hall Law School for its Master of Laws program. While he was at Humber, Simovonian had received two distinguished oralist awards at national mooting competitions.

One of Simovonian’s mooting partners, Paige Diebel followed in her former partner’s footsteps,winning a distinguished oralist award at the 2015 Osgoode Cup Mooting Competition. Diebel placed ninth out of 184 participants in the largest-ever undergraduate mooting competition, held earlier this month in Toronto. Diebel is now a paralegal practicing exclusively in Employment & Labour Law. Paige was the first employee of Monkhouse Law after it’s creation by founder Andrew Monkhouse.

Fourth-year student Heather Duggan has been accepted to several law schools in the US and Canada, and plans to attend Ave Maria University in southwest Florida, where she has received a full scholarship.

“My four years at Humber have gone by so quickly – it’s hard to believe it’s almost over,” says Duggan, who currently lives in Toronto with her five-year-old son. “Completing law school applications, especially for the States, is exhausting, but everyone has been so helpful. Humber has been a great experience.

Photo: Aram Simovonian and Paige Diebel

10 Years of Paralegal Success

We are celebrating 10 years of success in the Bachelor of Applied Arts - Paralegal Studies Degree program!

Pathways to Success



Adriana Rizzutto obtained her Law Degree from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom, and then her LL.M. degree at Osgoode Hall Law School. She has now completed her Barrister and Solicitor exams, and will be called to the Ontario Bar in June 2016.


Aram Simovonian was accepted into the two-year LL.B. degree program at the University of Birmingham Law School in the U.K.


Andrea Dedonato was accepted into the two-year LL.B. degree program at the University of Birmingham Law School in the U.K.


Akhil Sharma was accepted into the LL.B. program at London City University, London Law School. 


Breanne Becker was accepted into the LL.B. program at London City University, London Law School. 


Tanja was accepted into the Graduate Entry LL.B. at the University of Sussex. 


Regina Chow was completing her LL.M. at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. 


Satinder Brar was accepted into the University of Leicester Law School two-year LL.B. (Senior Status) program in 2011.


Marcos Persaud graduated from the University of Birmingham two-year LL.B. (Graduate) program in June 2012.


Vanessa Alescio graduated from Law School at the University of British Columbia in May 2011 and has been called to the bar in British Columbia. 


Marc Cumbo graduated from the University of Windsor Law School in June 2012. 


Mona Sooch graduated from the Bond University Law School two-year Juris Doctor program in June 2010. 


Kelly Jackson graduated from the University of Windsor Law School in June 2012. 


Meghan Walker graduated from the University of Windsor Law School in June 2012. 


Jaipreet Nanra was accepted into the two year LL.B. program at Brunel University Law School in 2012. 


In 2012, graduate Michelle was accepted into the year three at the University of Buffalo in New York State.