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A Q&A with Bachelor of Paralegal Studies Student Judith Jaison

Bachelor of Paralegal Studies student Judith Jaison worked at Merricks Law Group as a Legal Assistant for her placement last summer where she assisted a Senior Paralegal in Statutory Accident Benefits (SAB) claims.

"The projects I did were mainly sending correspondents and completing undertakings for the client files regarding SAB’s", said Judith. "I also worked in tort claims and a bit on the accounting side. This placement taught me that there are multiple facets in the paralegal profession and has even given me insight into how a law firm is operated. Some of the challenges I faced included working with difficult clients and trying to obtain information from them."

Why did you choose the Bachelor of Paralegal Studies program?

The choice to join the program was to explore the various possibilities and options available in the legal profession. Further, to vet my interest to see if I should pursue a career in law.

What was the draw for you in your academic career? Why do you see this as a fulfilling field?

I knew that I was in the right career from my first year because of the core courses and extracurriculars offered in Humber’s Paralegal degree program. My feelings solidified once I started working in the legal field through the summer placement. In fact, my love for the law has inspired me to become a lawyer and to pursue further legal education.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned about work and career?

The placement has given me insight into the various possibilities and scope within the paralegal profession.

What is the most valuable thing you've learned about yourself?

I discovered that I have more to give to the profession than what I believed.

How did Placement Advisors support/assist you with your placement?

My placement advisor offered constant support and encouragement in helping me secure a placement well before the summer semester by reviewing my resume and offering advice.

What advice would you give to future students?

You will not start at the top. You have to work your way up. It's important to develop the habit of being meticulous and faithful in the smallest tasks because when you are, employers will entrust you with greater responsibilities.

What was it like working during the pandemic?

It was like any other day except for wearing a mask and distancing. Working during the pandemic has also taught me how important legal services are.

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Judy Jaison