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Human Resources Management Students Research Live HR Issues

In Fall 2021, Human Resources Management students in their 4th year of studies in the Bachelor of Commerce completed projects to research live HR issues related to the impact of COVID-19. Their research results have made new contributions to a growing body of knowledge relating to the management of human resources during the pandemic.

Key findings from a sample of projects included:

  • insights about how to address the negative impact of COVID-19 on employee morale and trust in management in various companies in the service/retail industries when employee focus was forced to shift overnight from providing excellent customer service to ensuring health and safety protocols were followed;
  • the identification of ways for various organizations to pivot and adopt recruitment and selection processes that integrated new technologies and were adapted to COVID-19 restrictions, in order to fulfill their labour requirements;
  • an analysis of the positive impact of a leading manufacturer’s crisis communications strategy related to COVID-19 that resulted in high employee satisfaction throughout the pandemic.

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