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Human Resources Management Alumnus Lands a Job Shortly After Graduating

As a recent graduate who has landed a job in his field of study, Human Resources Management alumnus Fernando Marchione speaks about his current role and how his time at Humber helped him choose a career path.

In his own words

Fernando Marchione, Graduating Class of Business Administration, 2018 and Bachelor of Commerce - Human Resources Management, 2020

Recent Humber Business graduate, Fernando Marchione, landed a job in his field of study. As an integral part of Simply Group, Fernando has been working as an HR Coordinator for the last four months. Simply Group is a consortium of companies focused on bringing high efficiency “green” home services products to all of their customers.

Fernando was a student at Humber College from 2015 to 2020. He earned an advanced diploma in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Human Resources Management. “Humber really helped me become the professional I am today," said Fernando. "It gave me the tools to succeed in the future. When joining Humber in 2015 I had no idea the changes I would go through those five years. I started out as an unmotivated young adult who did not know what I wanted to with my life, and then turned into a young HR professional ready to conquer the world."

“I remember him fondly”, said Maria Racanelli, Business Administration Program Coordinator. "Fernando was 'judicious soul', also encouraging his peers and grateful for their support. For example, even in his Leadership assignment when most students praised and revere athletes, business titans, etc., Fernando proved sage and hailed his colleagues and their mentoring capabilities”.

“Graduating in the middle of the pandemic created uncertain times for me as well as my graduating class," said Fernando. "I am grateful to have landed my first postgraduate full-time role that is in my field of study! As an HR Coordinator at Simply Group, I oversee full-cycle recruitment, onboarding new employees, health and safety, HRIS system accuracy, report generation and many projects as they appear. All the courses I completed are rolled up into my role and daily activities. Throughout my five years at Humber I have had two on-campus jobs, have been part of intramural teams, stayed on residence and got a chance to create lifelong friendships. I also had the chance to learn from brilliant professors who have given me a lot of hands-on experience, and owe my success as a professional to Humber as a proud alumnus!”

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Fernando Machione and Luca Vinci

Graduation photo of Fernando Machione (left) and Luca Vinci (right)