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Guest Speaker Discusses AI Applications within the Field of Human Resources

On November 24th, third-year Bachelor of Commerce - Human Resources Management degree students in the Recruitment & Selection course had the pleasure of having Maurice Forbes from Knockri speak about the positive disruption artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing to the HR space.

Knockri is a local start-up success founded in 2016 as a solution to the founders’ own experience with discrimination in the hiring process. Using machine learning and I/O psychology, a skills assessment tool was built with ethical AI and inclusivity at its core.

The students appreciated hearing real-life applications of the course material. One student commented on the fact that Maurice discussed the same class material and even used the same vocabulary taught earlier in the course. Many students were also thrilled to hear Maurice’s journey into the field of HR, his personal stories about biases and discrimination, and his take on the strong future for HR as a profession in concert with technology and AI.

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Maurice Forbes