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New Active International Scholarship Supports Equity Seeking Students

We are pleased to announce a new scholarship within the Longo Faculty of Business. The Active International Scholarship will play an important role in helping students from an equity-seeking group who may experience some challenges in their pursuit and completion of postsecondary education.

Active International is a commercial innovation company, with corporate trade at the heart of its business. The company offers innovative media and wholesale inventory solutions to help businesses achieve more. Active International helps companies innovate while they operate, so they are always ready for what’s next.

  • Scholarship Name: Active International Inclusivity Scholarship
  • Value: Two scholarships of $2,500.00 each for the next three years
  • Program: Advertising - Media Management
  • Criteria: Presented to two students in the Longo Faculty of Business Advertising - Media Management program who self-identify as members of an equity-seeking group and demonstrate high academic standing as well as the need for financial assistance.

We cannot thank Active International enough for their generosity, kindness and support. 

An additional thanks to Humber’s Advancement Team, in particular Catherine Marostica and Marlene Valerio, for their hard work throughout the discussion and implementation of this amazing initiative.

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