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Bringing Food Adventures to the Humber Campus

The original adventure started in 1956 when Tommy, Joe and Gus Longo opened their first fruit market. It was a small 1,500 square foot store on Yonge Street in Toronto that was committed to providing customers with the best fresh food experience possible. Now over fifty years and 20 stores later, this philosophy remains the heart and soul of this family owned and operated company. 

According to President and CEO Anthony Longo, the son of co-founder Tommy Longo, “We’re fresh food merchants. That’s what we’re known for and that’s what we do best.” It’s a tradition that’s been passed down through the family. “Always make sure that you give people what they’re paying for.”

Over fifty years of family tradition translates today into a retail food experience known as Adventures in Food. When you walk into any Longo store you’ll find impeccable farm-fresh produce, hand selected each morning at the Toronto food terminal; mouth-watering cakes, pies and pastries and other baked goods prepared in-store; an extensive selection of fresh fish, meat and specialty cheeses; self-serve salad bars that rival any restaurant in the city and Longo’s Kitchen serving up meal solutions for busy consumers. 

To service today’s time-challenged customers, Longo’s operates Longo’s Kitchen which offers a selection of chef prepared meal options including a large selection of entrées, side dishes and other meal components. Customers looking for healthy dinner options can pick-up a variety of hot foods such as grilled chicken, steamed lobster, homemade meatballs, cabbage rolls, fettuccine alfredo, roast and grilled vegetables, hearth-made and stoneoven pizzas, a gourmet carving station and roasted chicken—all made right on the premises. Add to that Longo’s famous salad bar which offers over 40 wholesome ready-to-go options and the fresh sushi bar and Longo’s customers are treated to healthy ready-made meal solutions. Longo’s takes pride in ensuring that none of the prepared items are fried, previously frozen or reheated. 

With 20 stores across the GTA, and more opening soon, Longo’s remains committed to delivering the highest quality groceries and freshest produce, along with an unrivalled customer experience. As a family owned business, this commitment runs deeper than the bottom line, for it reflects on the family and the family name. Says Anthony Longo: “We want to be proud to walk into any of our stores at anytime. If we can do that, then we know we’re delivering on our commitment to our customers.”

Longo's store