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Garland Canada

Garland Canada is the sales and marketing arm of Manitowoc Foodservice, a result of the recently completed corporate marriage between Manitowoc and Enodis. The combination of these two industry titans creates the largest foodservice equipment company in the world. 

The strategy for Garland Canada now and in the foreseeable future is to focus heavily on driving innovation, technology and energy efficiency to create and bring to market products and services that support the growing sophistication of the rapidly evolving foodservice industry. Our approach to product development can be described as “customer-centric”, in that we invent and develop products, technologies and services that provide solutions to fit the need. A ‘one size fits all’ approach based on limited offerings won’t ‘cut it’ without customers, who are also leaders in the foodservice industry. 

The challenges that face our industry are driven primarily from a need to increase productivity and efficiency through eco-friendly technology and innovation. We are researching and developing products that meet and exceed Energy Star ratings and meet our own internal standards for our EnerLogic program. This program certifies that over 800 Manitowoc products have been 3rd party tested and verified for real savings on energy, operational costs, streamlined service and maintenance costs.

Equipment design is not the total answer to innovation and technology; it is maximized by how the equipment is placed in the kitchen and how the balance of the operation is integrated into a smooth process that optimizes productivity and efficiency. Innovation can also come in terms of enhanced controllers and cooking logic systems that are being built into our equipment – systems that are interactive and intuitive. 

As the environment changes, you can be sure that Garland Canada will be at the leading edge, one step ahead of change in developing new solutions to ensure your success.

Mr. John Beck, Garland Canada with John Davies, Humber President

Mr. John Beck, Garland Canada with 
John Davies, Humber President