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Work-Integrated Learning Centre Welcomes Paralegal Alumnus as a Guest Speaker

Paralegal degree graduate Joey Galinsky obtained his paralegal license and has worked with various sole practitioners in the areas of civil litigation, corporate finance and tax following graduation his 2017. Shortly after, in 2019, he was accepted and enrolled in the Dual JD Program in collaboration between Windsor Law and Detroit Mercy School of Law. This year, Joey was accepted as a transfer student at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Law where he is currently studying.

Partnering with the Longo Faculty of Business Work Integrated Learning (WIL) Centre, Joey spoke with the third-year Paralegal degree students in an interactive discussion surrounding job search and career paths. His talk focused on the art of storytelling and the application of it to help with job searches, connecting with interviewers and how/why students should use LinkedIn to become known in their field.

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Joey Galinsky