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Work Integrated Learning Centre Hosts Influencer Jey Jeyakanthan

On October 4th, the Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) centre had an esteemed guest speaker, Jey Jeyakanthan with over a hundred and fifty students in attendance.

Jey Jeyakanthan, an innovative and efficacious entrepreneur himself, is also a reputable business advisor who has played instructive consultant roles for many start-ups. Known to be an ‘influencer’ Jey is a popular empowerment coach who believes “LinkedIn” has a major role to play for graduates who are emerging professionals.

An ardent advocate of LinkedIn, Jey’s presentation on “How To Network On LinkedIn” focused on different perspectives of LinkedIn engagement. It was particularly interesting to hear him address his "out-of-the-box" options - allowing the thought process of students to be swayed in a positive and open-minded direction. The cornerstone of his presentation being how to network in creative ways, led the afternoon into an immersive presentation with the students. There was an immense eagerness amongst the students.

"LinkedIn is very overwhelming to many students, but his tips and secrets made it seem very achievable. Every point he highlighted was relevant for our students and one could feel the energy he created as a speaker. Jey’s presentation that morning was deeply inspiring and stimulating."

"Hearing him address “I am graduating in December 2021. When do I need to be on LinkedIn?” was very well answered when he said, “Just now!”."

Here are some great tips that students received:

  • Upload a professional-looking, charismatic headshot
  • Build a great – and I mean great headline
  • In the ‘Experience’ section, list relevant experience to date and the impact you’ve had so far (be sure to list internships and co-op assignments)
  • Under ‘Volunteer Experience and Causes’ list all your volunteer assignments, the causes you consistently support and those with whom you fill a significant role)
  • Manage your endorsements, adding those you want to be known for and removing some of the default categories
  • Seek out former mentors; connect and update them on your current status, goals and career plans
  • Visit your school’s University page on LinkedIn (for many, this is a world-class networking tool)
  • Connect with your school's Alumni group
  • Join and contribute to LinkedIn Groups that serve your industry or where you share common interests with others
  • Comment on the blogs and posts of others on LinkedIn
  • Download the LinkedIn Mobile App

Watching Jey steer the students to connect hands-on with him on LinkedIn right away spoke very highly on the importance of embracing LinkedIn before students graduate. Seeing students actively engaged in this virtual event confirmed just how invaluable these learning experiences are within Humber College.

Jey Jeyakanthan

Jey Jeyakanthan

"His passion and naturalness made the students connect with him instantly. His engaging authenticity of handling the barriers that LinkedIn portal may offer for our students who are learning to navigate this portal, was most impactful. The hands-on experience was very well received. Needless to say, he had a very captive audience and students could relate to him very comfortably."

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