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WIL Partnership With the Rekai Centres Providing Valuable and Engaging Work for Our Students

In summer 2022, five students from the Bachelor of Commerce in Healthcare Management degree program completed their placement at the Rekai Centres, a non-profit, charitable corporation that owns and operates two Long-Term Care Homes in downtown Toronto.

The students played a key role in assisting the metrics of the home. They were also able to help prepare the incomplete and in-progress assessment lists for each unit at the long-term facility. These metrics are used in the provincial statistic for the Ministry of Long-Term Care. Students learned data analyses; quality indicators audits, QI codes, and PCC and UDA audits.

Two healthcare students talking at a laptop

In addition, students gained valuable technical skills by using MS office applications to collect, input and analyze data. Two databases were introduced and utilized throughout the student’s work term. This includes the DATTO Online database and the Point Care Click Online database. Point Click Care is a database that is utilized by many health institutions and long-term care homes. This is where information is stored about the resident’s plan of care, current, and past medical history and where day-to-day activities, behaviours, and services are recorded.

The placement helped the student gain valuable experience and an understanding of what is required to ensure smooth operations in long-term care settings. some students worked in the health informatics department and were working alongside the Manager of the department, assisting with several small projects as well as major projects. In addition, students interviewed managers of different departments, such as the Clinical Resource Manager, Food Services Manager, Administrative Staff Manager, Behavioural Support Manager as well as Physiotherapist.

“I gained a clear understanding of how Rekai Centre operates and developed a clear vision of how long-term care should be organized and implemented. Throughout this process, I was able to gain a deeper understanding of the responsibilities that each position carries”

Courses such as Health Data Analysis, Policy and Evaluation and Health informatics help students understand how things work in the long-term healthcare sector. In that sense, students were able to apply theory in a practical setting that is closely connected to their course.

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