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Visiting Scholars at The Business School

This semester, two visiting scholars - Dr. Sahil Raj and Dr. Renata Guidi - will call Humber their new home as they conduct their post-doctoral research and teach our students.

Dr. Sahil Raj will be conducting post-doctoral work at Humber under the supervision of Dr. Parveen Gill. He will also be co-teaching the Human Resources grad certificate capstone project course. We look forward to working with Dr. Raj and the positive contributions he will make to the business school.

Sahil Raj is a faculty member at the School of Management Studies, Punjabi University, Patiala. His main area of interest is the application of information systems in business organizations. Prior to his academic association, he had worked in Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited. He holds an engineering degree as well as an MBA and a Ph. D. Sahil Raj has been regularly contributing research papers to national and international journals and has presented research papers in many national and international conferences. He has authored three books, which are Business Analytics, Strategic Information System in Action and Modeling HR Information System for Training Process Effectiveness. He also actively contributes in various global editions published by Pearson Education including Laudon & Laudon: Management Information Systems (14/e); Kroenke & David: Using MIS (7/e)Wallace: Introduction to Information SystemsKendall and Kendall: System Analysis and DesignHoffer, Venkataraman & Topi: Modern Database Management SystemValacich: Essentials of System Analysis and Design and Evan Business Analytics. At present, he is guiding research projects in the areas of artificial neural networks, business intelligence, strategic information systems, expert systems and big data analytics.


Dr. Renata Guidi is a visiting scholar and will also be conducting postdoctoral work. In addition to this, she will be teaching two courses with the Bachelor of Commerce programs at the Business School at Humber.

Dr. Renata Guidi is an Associate Professor at the Business School of the Brazilian Federal Institute of Technology. Her areas of interest are Performance Management, Innovation, Strategy, and Organizational Behavior. Renata holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte-Brazil. Her Ph.D. field research was done under the supervision of the prominent Professor Stanley Lewis Engerman at the University of Rochester (USA). Professor Engerman is known for his quantitative historical work along with Nobel Prize-winning economist Robert Fogel. Renata holds a Master Degree in Marketing from the University of East Anglia – UK, and a bachelor degree in Production Engineering from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte - Brasil. Renata is currently a Visiting Scholar with the Business School at Humber College in Toronto where she is doing her post-doctoral studies under the supervision of Dr. Youssef Youssef on analyzing the multidimensions of the Polytechnic Business Education in Canada and Brazil through a Comparative Study between Canadian and Brazilian Polytechnic Business Education Models. As a researcher, Renata has just published her first book entitled Institutions, Efficiency and Brazilian Professional Education.


We are very pleased to have Dr. Raj and Dr. Guidi join us this semester, and we wish them the best of luck this year.