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The International Students Behind Humber Cricket Team's Achievements

Cricket has a long history in Canada and it is once again gaining in popularity, so much so, that Humber has its own cricket team. For many students at Humber, cricket is their sport of choice, and many of Humber’s cricket players are international students. The majority of these students are from India and Pakistan where cricket is the national sport. For these players, cricket is more than just a passion, it is a part of their culture - some would even say they live and breathe it. Being able to play matches in Canada goes beyond sport and athleticism, it’s about bringing a piece of their home with them to Canada and plays a significant role in their overall wellbeing while living and studying at Humber. 

Last year, the Humber Cricket Team represented Canada at the American College National Cricket Championships in Florida from March 11-15 but the event was not completed due to the pandemic.

"Our cricket team falls within our extramural/club sport category, however many of the student-athletes are exceptional and amongst the best post-secondary cricket athletes in the country. Athletics has supported this team’s participation in several events beyond the Ontario Collegiate Recreation (OCR)/Ontario Colleges Athletic Association recreation (OCAA) schedule. OCR events are indoor, while the external events include both indoor and outdoor cricket. I consider the team to be unique in that these high-performance athletes are committed to pursuing excellence in their sport while proudly representing Humber College at a national and international level," said Ray Chateau, Director of Athletics and Recreation.

The successes of Humber Cricket, both as a team and at an individual level demonstrates the reach of athletics on the student experience - specifically international students. International students are well represented at the varsity and extramural level and contribute to the extraordinary outcomes that Humber athletics teams achieve at the provincial, national, and international levels. Last year, thirteen of the fifteen students on the team roster were international students enrolled in Longo Faculty of Business programs.

“Along with the  International Office, Longo Faculty of Business is proud to have been able to support the team in their achievements through a financial donation. It is important for international students to be able to support their passions and wellbeing while being away from their family and culture,” said Alvina Cassiani, Senior Dean of the Longo Faculty of Business.

View the Humber Cricket Team's Facebook page here.

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