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Longo Faculty of Business Work-Integrated Learning Centre is proud to feature: Sondos Ramzi-Parker (Placement Advisor)

Short Bio – Tell me about yourself?

Sondos Parker started her career in Canada at The Power Within Inc. in Toronto; she travelled within Canada and the US as part of the logistics team to organize events for some of the world’s most influential leaders, including President Clinton, Richard Benson, and Gloria Steinem to name a few. She then transitioned to the Non-profit sector, where she managed various projects for over 10 years. Sondos was a Business Liaison on a pilot project where she envisioned, developed, and implemented a strategic job development plan to place internationally trained healthcare professionals in alternative career options across the GTA. Sondos brings a blend of skills, experience, and passion for empowering students. She is currently doing her master’s degree in Higher Education with OISE at the University of Toronto.

What is the advice that you can give to international students who want to be part of the Canadian work culture?

Celebrate your talents and actively seek networking and learning experiences. Eventually, you will learn to adjust to unknowns and adapt to the norms of the professional culture in Canada. There will be barriers along the journey and while they may impact your personal power, stay grounded in your own values, beliefs, and most important trust the commitment that you made to yourself to be successful.

Placement Advisors support students and employer partners in their Work Integrated Learning journey. Committed, dedicated and professional, they are key contributors to Humber’s Strategic Plan, preparing Career-Ready Citizens and establishing strong, sustainable collaborations with industry, community, international and alumni partners.

Sondos Ramzi-Parker

Sondos Ramzi-Parker

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