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Paralegal Professor Writes Article as a Panel Expert

Paralegal Professor, Jasteena Dhillon, collaborated with LexisNexis Canada and wrote an article on the Rule of Law and Economic Development in Canada as a panel expert. The article, now hosted on a Comparative Law Solutions CLS© by LexisNexis, is designed specifically for the Ministry of Justice for the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The CLS aims is to ensure that the UAE can ensure its legal system complies with international Rule of Law standards set out on the World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index. CLS is an online legal tool that supports the UAE government's initiative to move to a modernized legal system.

Being a country that relies mainly on sharia law, as a law source, the UAE has found that in a globalized world, being familiar with other legal systems is key to being able to efficiently and effectively deal with academic and business partners.

The CLS platform is interactive and allows the UAE Ministry of Justice lawyers, judges, and officials to connect online with panel experts to discuss legal approaches and propose solutions.

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