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One Hundred and Nine Students Tune Into WIL Hosted Event with a CEO and Business Coach

On May 26th, the Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) centre hosted Tammy Defoe as a guest speaker with one hundred and nine students in attendance. Tammy Defoe, the CEO of GTApreneurs is also a Business Coach. She is also a public speaking instructor who coaches business professionals for entrepreneurial and career success.

Tammy addressed a very relevant topic for our business students “Start Out on the Right Path for Success”. Her presentation was very inspiring and stimulating and left a very enriched experience for the students. She elaborated on her journey in the presentation and how she worked on her choices to become the CEO of the present company. Her transformational journey itself spoke about her commitment to a vision, her life values, and her professional ethic. Students were touched by the narration of her life story.

Every point she spoke about was very relevant to the students as they are navigating through a very difficult time of this pandemic. Her passion and naturalness made the students connect with her. She was very engaging and her authenticity of handling the emotional turbulence that many students may be facing during this pandemic was most impactful.

The compelling part of Defoe’s presentation was the way she offered some hands-on tips and interacted with our student audience directly with confidence and belongingness. Her content was very relevant for students in search of work-integrated opportunities and the tips she offered were extremely well received by our students. She tailored her talk very authentically which was the key to getting her message across and helped them reflect on what remarkable journeys look like, in practice.

Tammy Defoe came across as a dynamic and inspiring speaker who was able to touch the young minds about possible futures and what it might take to reach them. She was able to broaden our students’ horizons to see the world once they graduate and enter the real business world. Guest speakers like her provide an opportunity for our students to hear from those outside the school system.

People listening to Tammy Defoe speaking over the web

Tammy Defoe speaking

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