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NKUHT Deans Attend International Education Week

For Humber's International Education Week 2019, the Longo Faculty of Business welcomed two Deans from the National Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism (NKUHT) in Taiwan. During their week at Humber, Dean Sophie Liu from the School of Hospitality Management and Dean Steven Hsu from the Student Affairs Office spent time meeting with the 35 NKUHT students to learn first-hand about their study experience at Humber. Both deans observed classes and met with the students Humber counterparts to discuss the long-standing partnership between the two institutions. The highlight of their visit was attending the student-run event, Li-Hou, Formosa! at International Education Week. The "Hello, Beautiful Island!" event was a culminating project for the students' Event Management course. Hao-Lun Chang, an NKUHT-Humber Hospitality Management program student stated, "The event theme was about Taiwan's Temple Festival.” The students wanted the event to represent traditional Taiwanese cuisine and activities like Mahjong Bingo and a cultural dance performance.

When asked about the purpose and value of the event, Hospitality Management student, Ying-Hsuan Yeh, highlighted that the student-run event provided all of the students in the NKUHT-Humber partnership program the opportunity to gain practical experience in all aspects of planning, coordinating and implementing a cultural event. "Students gained valuable skills and experience in hospitality and tourism that they can talk about in future job interviews when looking for their work placement in Canada." Ying-Hsuan also added, "The event brought value to the Humber community as other students and staff had the opportunity to learn more about Taiwanese culture and food. It was also a chance for everyone to have fun together."

Longo Faculty of Business also welcomed five official representatives from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Toronto to Li-Hou, Formosa! The visit ended with lunch in the Humber Room, where several NKUHT-Humber students literally ran from performing at the cultural event to volunteered as servers for the wonderful lunch made by students from the culinary programs.

NKUHT students with Humber students and faculty

NKUHT students performing

NKUHT dean with students

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