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New WIL Partnership in an Evolving Virtual Landscape: Urban Expeditions

In a year of great uncertainty in the Hospitality and Tourism industry, the WIL team engaged in a new partnership with Peter Odle, Founder of the rapidly evolving company Urban Expeditions.

Peter provided very interesting and unconventional WIL opportunities for several of our Hospitality & Tourism students. These WIL opportunities were aimed at leveraging the company’s online platform to deliver unique urban tour and game experiences virtually for cities around the world. Students selected specific cities and were involved in research, design, marketing, sales, business development, and social media engagement for their projects.

This partnership proved mutually beneficial for the employer and students alike. The employer utilized the talents of our WIL students to grow and adapt his business while the students gained valuable industry experience that challenged and motivated them to reach their potential. Student, Alessandro Diniz Sartorelli, said “this experience was helpful and rewarding since I was able to create a final product that could be offered to customers. I worked directly with the owner of the company, and it was interesting to perceive his entrepreneurship ideas”. While Peter noted, "The experience with our Humber College interns exceeded expectations and highlighted the powerful potential of what can happen when students are given the concurrent opportunity to grow their ideas in a classroom and real-world setting”.

Unique partnerships and WIL opportunities such as this one were directly supported by the Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning (CEWIL) Canada and The Government of Canada (Employment and Social Development) Funding Proposal that was submitted and received by the Longo Faculty of Business. Students participating in this internship were selected to receive a CEWIL Bursary for $1,800.

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Check out our students in action in the following videos and see a sample of their work by visiting the links to their game boards below.