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Mix & Mingle

Written by: Fariha Senpai Khan

Fashion Management Programs, (bachelor and postgraduate), and their program coordinators, Francesca D’Angelo and Rossie Kadiyska, hosted a meet-and-greet for all Lakeshore fashion students. The event took place at Humber Fashion Institute on October 3rd and it is the first post-covid in-person event. Starting from the first year all the way to the fourth year totaling close to 35 students participated in the Mix & Mingle, all of whom had a great time learning and networking with one another.

It was delightful to watch students who were in the same year meet and interact with each other for the first time while being able to grab a snack from the assortments of food provided by their instructors. They were able to converse on new trends in the fashion industry and appreciate the runway videos that played in the background, but most importantly they enjoyed the ability to talk to other colleagues who were going through a similar journey as they were at Humber College. Many students also shared knowledge about their various cultures/nationalities and how they had started a new chapter in Canada.

As the Mix & Mingle went along the instructor placed a white bored with the writing “Things you’d like to see:” which prompted the students to engage in future plans for more events/meet-and-greats due to the success of the one they were currently in. The students took a great interest in being able to interact with their cohorts, seniors, and juniors, and wished to get more opportunities to get to know them and hopefully alumni of the Humber Fashion Management Program in the future.

As the event came to an end the instructors had plenty of students interested in upcoming events and had started to collaborate with the Social networking and media team to arrange timely events for their students. Some of the events that had started to take shape were the ‘Halloween theme event’ and ‘End of year event’.

It was without a doubt a great exercise by the instructors to get their students together, and we hope they continue to guide their students to more important events that allow them to learn from others.

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