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Mentorship Takes Center Stage in the Supply Chain Management Program

The Supply Chain Management (SCM) graduate certificate program hosted a mentoring event for SCM second-semester students at the end of March.

Embracing a 'speed mentoring' format, the event proved to be an engaging and informative experience. Small groups of five to six students had the opportunity to spend 15 minutes with each mentor before rotating to a new mentor for another insightful session. This unique setup facilitated candid discussions and fostered an environment conducive to exploring the intricacies of supply chain management in real-world scenarios.

The event brought together esteemed professionals from all domains within the supply chain management field. These mentors generously shared their personal journeys to success while providing insights into the inner workings of supply chain management within their respective areas of expertise. Their expertise spanned critical fields such as logistics, procurement, demand planning, operations, management, and human resources, with a specific focus on job-seeking skills.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to the mentors who volunteered their time and expertise to guide aspiring SCM professionals. Notable mentors included Sandra Bocarro from Canadian Tire and Jim Hadjiyianni from the Ontario Education Collaborative Marketplace. Their presence and contributions added immense value to the event, enabling students to embark on their career paths with invaluable knowledge and guidance.

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SCM Faculty and Mentors smiling for a photo

Groups of students engaging in speed mentoring event

Students and mentor speaking to each other during speed mentoring event

Students and mentor speaking to each other during speed mentoring event

Group photo of students and faculty with their hands up in the air and smiling